Each generation raises its fists and marches in protest to the offensiveness of the contemporary cultural paradigm – rightfully so, yet each generation sells out like its predecessors after a time; hopefully, each generation leaves behind some positive remnant in its wake, before selling out to the very system it protests. Change is needed desperately, but human nature is now, still, what it was a few thousand years ago and before; human – there lies the predicament; the “mimetic illusion of modern individualism.”

“The children repeat the crimes of their fathers precisely because they believe they are morally superior to them. This false difference is already the mimetic illusion of modern individualism, which represents the greatest resistance to the mimetic truth that is re-enacted again and again in human relations. The paradox is that the resistance itself brings about the reenactment.”
René Girard


Burn it all to the ground…really!?

I’ve been a liberal most of my life up until the last few years. I couldn’t any longer condone freedom of speech, and freedom of expression, being violently attacked from the Alt establishment left, who – the leaders – feed from the same trough as the Republicans (Wall Street & such). I’m not a Republican by any stretch of the imagination, but I certainly see the insanity taking place in this country today. Re-writing history through the dismantling of statues, demonizing, and demonetizing, political commentators on independent alternative social media news  – this to me is batshit crazy! and is also begging for neo-Marxism to step into the vacuum created by this nearsightedness (we cause enough problems and pain with capitalism, I don’t think Marxism will improve things at this time. These emotional trigger responses that seem to be permeating our Universities and workplaces – all in the name of unity – are what I believe to be seed for division, as opposed to what it “claims” to be – progressive. The influence of postmodernism should be considered problematic; not because of what the postmodernist brought over from France – by way of brilliant minds – who I love to study and learn, but from what our educators and politicians did with it. Much what like Hitler did with Nietzsche; hijacked him, distorted his work, for their own purposes. Civil war is a real possibility if we don’t learn to think in a critical manner and get far away from this emotional knee-jerk reactionary mindset that’s being promoted at every turn. These statues: they are history markers, weather good or bad, they should be left for all to see, warts and all; no culture that attempts to dismantle its own history does well in the long run. Wendell Berry once wrote: “Modern ignorance is in people’s assumption that they can outsmart their own nature.” in this case, erase the evidence of it.


Dave Rubin, a liberal political commentator is branded as a far right talking head by a writer with “Mother Jones” this week. Rubin is a gay, Atheist, married – to a man – liberal who’s being tarred and feathered by the left because of his willingness to bring right wing intellectuals to the conversation on his podcast – like it should be. This censorship of ideas is something that needs to be stopped in its tracks before freedom of speech becomes extinct, and the memory of such a freedom becomes eradicated. In Rubin’s words: “This Thinkquisition will come after anyone who bucks the trend and the stereotypes and dares think for themselves. It’s why they accuse Ayaan Hirsi Ali of being anti muslim, it’s why they slander Bill Maher as being racist, it’s why they call Larry Elder an Uncle Tom, and it’s why I can be branded a far right extremist.” If the youth of today want to march for something that’s going to preserve SOME freedom in SOME capacity; speech might be a good place to start. And they wonder why us liberals from yesteryear are jumping ship and looking for a log to hold onto. Unbelievable.


imgresThe consistent attempt of humans to separate ourselves from one another, in groups, under the flag of this or that, one group feeling as if they are standing on higher ground than the other, is the material of all good Theater, written and produced by parasites and vampires, and tickets sold to the public at the cost of everything…The few wealthy producing and selling tickets to this, (as Cornel West calls it) “Tragiecomic” production, do so at the cost of their souls. Many “poor” looking to survive this parasitic extraction of whatever little they still have left after paying the cost of the ticket to this Tragicomidy, struggle as they attempt to avoid being subjugated any further by this theater of the absurd that they bought into, this breeds the tension necessary to continue the production for years to come, unless of course, the public stop buying tickets…so the drama plays itself out time and time again in an unending stream of narratives depicting everything from honest pain caused by this manipulating propaganda and its byproducts, to grand success stories to bring hope to the ticket holders who buy into this theater production, it’s all very tidy…However. This all relies on the creative process from both the powerful and the weak having to cultivate various ways of mass hypnosis in order to aid either the robber or the robbed …what else can take place? The story line has already been written, and the play is already a hit…The idea that any human is not in direct connection, or one with his fellow man, is a lie that we all fall prey from sitting in this theater day after day, and with all too much trust for the artistic integrity of the producers. Byproduct, polarization. Divisions. Man made illusions, designed to keep the intended wholeness of man fragmented and polarized to the point of men and woman, buying hook line and sinker into the propaganda fed to us by “the ivory tower promo thugs” through their production… Bravo! you have to hand it to these crafty Billygoats and Apes, their good!

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