Jazz…What happened???

I remember coming up as a teen ager living on 23rd street in NYC, Chris Braun had a loft that everyone in NYC came to to press their chops and creativity year round. The music there was on fire all the time. Most everybody had their own sound. If you went to see Sunny Rollins at a night club you heard Sunny at a night club, if you went to hear Ornet Coleman, thats who you heard…Today everybody sounds the same, same tone, same horns being used, same licks, same everything…The collages are turning out clones instead of Musicians. Sure every once in a wile somebody breaks out a new approach today, but by the most part, these clowns all sound the same, and they all think they are doing something…I remember all this staring around the end of the 70’s…Saxophone players seem to be the biggest offenders of this artistic plagiarism…They all play Bird or Trane lines…Guess what you aint Bird bro, and you sure aint Trane…

Thank God for Sam Rivers, Pharo Sanders,Ira Sullivan, Jaco, Eric Dolphy, and Trane for being artist that we can still listen to and see what a personal sound sounds like. Peace…



Music is birthing beauty all over the planet…

Us Americans have to get our heads out of the sky and look around at what the rest of the world is up to. The musicians around the world are cultivating all kinds of musical expression that we miss just because we dont know any better…Look outside your window theirs a whole world of music out there.
Sachal Studios Orchestra – 【Sachal Jazz】 – Take Five (PV)


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