Søren Kierkegaard, “That Individual”

imagesLooking at Ferguson MI, LA, NYC and so on, from as many prospectives as I can, I find myself, as a human being, with little means to bypass my human limitations of perception, in most areas of life, dew to our human “lack of” capacity, to see past our own world view, weather that view be in line with “a truth” or not. Once again I find myself looking to a better articulation of this frustration I experience in the failed attempts in thinking I am capable of objectivity to any real extent as I witness such violence from all sides of this problem, this last few weeks… Fairness, equality, brotherhood, social awareness, community, why cant we get along,? huge question…This is why I place so much stock in “The Gospels” (not so much in mans attempts to interpret the Gospels, but thats another matter) … But here is a Philosopher who puts it all in a nut shell for me, in terms of the human condition itself…Just sayin

Søren Kierkegaard, “That Individual”

“One of the symptoms of groupthink is the members’ persistence in conveying to each other the cliché and oversimplified images of political enemies embodied in long-standing ideological stereotypes…

When a group of people who respect each other’s opinions arrive at a unanimous view, each member is likely to feel that the belief must be true. This reliance on consensual validation tends to replace individual critical thinking and reality-testing”.

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