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Mao Tse-tung referred to his foul system as “a Democratic Dictatorship.” Control, imagination, mass hypnosis.

He states in an article “On the People’s Democratic Dictatorship”, written in 1949 “The combination of these two aspects, democracy for the people and dictatorship over the reactionaries, is the people’s democratic dictatorship.” A warm description of a brutal regime.

In a speech in 1957 he says “In ordinary circumstances, contradictions among the people are not antagonistic. But if they are not handled properly, or if we relax our vigilance and lower our guard, antagonism may arise.” We all know what that meant.

In the same speech he states:

“This democratic method of resolving contradictions among the people was epitomized in 1942 in the formula “unity — criticism — unity”. To elaborate, that means starting from the desire for unity, resolving contradictions through criticism or struggle, and arriving at a new unity on a new basis. In our experience this is the correct method of resolving contradictions among the people.” Then later he states “Here, the essential thing is to start from the desire for unity. For without this desire for unity, the struggle, once begun, is certain to throw things into confusion and get out of hand. Wouldn’t this be the same as “ruthless struggle and merciless blows”? Merciless blows!? – now that’s rich considering the context.
He goes on “And what Party unity would there be left? It was precisely this experience that led us to the formula “unity — criticism — unity”. Or, in other words, “learn from past mistakes to avoid future ones and cure the sickness to save the patient”. We all know how that went.

A “Democracy for the people and dictatorship over the reactionaries” this madman states, hmm. Does any of this have the faint scent of BS that seems to have been slowly dispersed into the air here at home over the last fifteen years or so ? “Unity! – democratic method! – The struggle against! – Resolve! – Our Desire! – *unity — criticism — unity*! — Catch words to entice the imagination. We have a ton of them today floating around creating discourse among our citizenry 24/7 these days. Have we really been watching what has been taking place in our country over the last fifteen years? Divisions have been firmly and deliberately planted in the soil since 911, the media sings the same antagonizing songs to help with the maintenance of these divisions; we all know these melodies of polarization by heart at this point, and the music never really leaves our minds, it’s like a computer loop in our heads.

For those of us that are over 55, we have witnessed the changes; habeas corpus lost somewhere out there in the outer limits of yesteryear; corporate and wall street directly financing leadership, then holding them hostage to “their” will; politicians like giddy little children standing in line to attach the puppet strings to their arms and legs, so to be a part of this sorry show. (both right and left) Educational curriculum! well that’s just a whole other can of worms, both in the schools, and by way of documentaries for us older children.

I believe the general consensus today amongst “the powers that be,” is that a system ran “by the people” and “for the people” can no longer work because the people – in their minds – ” don’t possess the insight or intellectual awareness of the complexities of the inner workings, of such a complex set of social mechanisms, (as if these Apes and Billy Goats do) and that it may be time to take back the reins of power from “the people.” As if we actually ever really had it, but we have had a say, and I’m seeing that say slip away somewhere into the outer limits of yesteryear along with habeas corpus. The last fifteen years look very suspicious to me.

Maybe I’m just paranoid — maybe not.
Shoulders shrugged.



Oh the pain

Four hundred days of political rhetoric aimed at the public every 4 years – the election process is a very diligent system of mass hypnosis. Historically these systems in their theoretical stages go as far back as “Plato’s Republic,” Plato’s “The Law,” Aristotle’s “The Politics,” &c. Later we have Hobbes, Locke, Hume – just to mention a few – putting forth the raw tools to be picked up by the parasitic, and implemented in their self seeking quest for control and domination over everything. Philosophical observations by highly evolved thinkers; *as usual* get adopted by Apes and Billy goats, who then – as we all know – utilize the work of these fine thinkers as tools to control the herd at will. Fast forward to a far less impressive group of intellectuals in terms of motive, like Galton (a very special kind of  cat), Bernays, Lippmann – again, just to name a few – but the list goes on; and there lie some dots just waiting to be connected; its intellectual management at its finest! or at its worst, depending which end of the stick you’re on. The ground? – greed. The systems – a long line of highly evolved and creative thinkers coupled with greedy alpha males, and a group of intermediate minds that helped to bridge the gap between pure honest intellect, and these “Alpha Parasites.” This combination is potent enough to create these well structured cultural fragmentation’s and inspiring illusions that both captivate the imaginations of the masses, and enable these monkey men to continue rule and fool . But lets not blame philosophers, poets, and other fine thinkers for the actions of the greedy; these heartless monkey bastards that we have allowed to set up these structures we live within have done so with our blessings. Hell we make heroes out of most of these maggots! Its a world of supply and demand now, and these Apes and Billy Goats possess an abundant supply – of bullshit – and we demand as much of it as they can dish out.

Great quote by Jarod Kintz, “I once saw a snake having sex with a vulture, and I thought, It’s just business as usual in Washington DC.”


The Cosmic Dance

Jazz; The Cosmic Dance of Bliss: there’s a place where the structure of the music is just that – a structure. When you reach a place of transcendence within that structure, you leave the structure behind, even through the structure is still in place, you transcend outside of it — you stand aside — you allow the music to play itself through you. This becomes something spiritual in nature, you have left the structure, and created a space in trust for melody and time to express itself through you. While all this is taking place the unconscious is now the area the music is expressed from; the notes are being played by something far higher then the player. The conversation has transcended the common vocabulary and arrived at a place of freedom. It’s leaving all constructs and systems behind, and braving the new world of mysteries; a higher realm…Deep Prayer, deep meditation, same outcome – unification that cant take place from within a cardboard box.



The greatest snow on earth

Everyone loves a circus; the clowns, the lions, the type rope walkers, the trapeze artists; it’s like a live Salvatore Dali painting taking place right before your very eyes; midgets – add a visual dimension that seems to tie the entire portrait together somehow through a kind of visual sensory subtext as they walk side by side with the elephant and the clown. But at the end of the show we leave the tent, go home and bring the memories along with us. The lasting effects; a pleasant memory of images that can continue to inspire the imagination for years to come – the circus doesn’t intrude.

I wish I could say the same for our political system that takes full advantage of the public from birth to dirt, pumping in political rhetoric transported through endless miles of septic piping allowing just enough crap to leak out into the american soil while in route to public distribution; from septic tanks housing vast quantities of BS, to the wishful minds and imaginations of good, honest, hard working people – this system continues to confiscate our dignity and insult our intelligence through this “Theatre of the Absurd”.

The circus is at least honest in its promotion of what “it – is.”


Election season once again

I think we americans are suffering from a syndrome kinda like battered wife syndrome; after we take beating after beating, either by way of getting raped financially as in 2006, or a war, or some other form of domestic violence that strips of us of our pride and dignity; we then look to the very people we have entrusted – who dish out this abuse, to us – with bated breath, hanging off every word they speak; lying to ourselves that “they” will change things, and treat us well in the future. Hows this been working for us so far?


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