Celebration of Life Rock Festival, 1971

Didn’t make Woodstock, I did make this one
Sixteen, long hair, bell bottom jeans, stoned
no money, no watch; one intention – just get there
Excitement permeated the highways, the roads – us

Hitchhiked from Atlanta to McRae, stoned all the way – on a mission
Slept on the side of roads, in strange VW vans painted strangely
Peace signs everywhere, rednecks on the prowl, (Also on a mission)
Crosby Stills and Nash saved us, blessed the road; rednecks folded

Electric Kool Aid, paranoic brownies, no ticket, no need
On a mission; remember the fierce storms, naked girls
Mud, mud everywhere – the River, the cool cool loving river
Mud all over our naked bodies, in the hundred degree sun

Armadillo stared at me as I slept, just a hundred feet from the mud
May have been the Kool Aid, may have been the hot sun that day
He spoke to me that first night as I opened my eyes for no reason
Can’t remember what he said, but I think he said – “go home Boy”

I was sixteen
He was just an armadillo
I stayed – he left
The music – a resurrection


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