Funkin Easy

Trumpet Roger Bridges, and myself on bass…Just a groove…


Anarchy with an open heart…

Smooth Jazz this is not, in fact if your depressed, dont play it, you may jump!…lol…The name of the tune sets up the outcome of the music…My friend Peter Marshall who played bass for Art Farmere and I recorded this a few years ago on his 40 foot sailboat, its way outside the box, …We had a lot of time on our hands…Im playing Sax, and drums…Enjoy…lol

Sugar Ray Robinson vs Joey Maxim

Sugar Ray Robinson vs Joey Maxim…I worked with Joey Maxim on a construction site in Boca Raton Fl in 1972 … their was big kid who was a black belt in Karate always messing with Joey because he was punch drunk, and all beatin up, and old as hell…We told this kid to leave Joey alone…But no, he kept on playing with the man…Joey told me one morning he was getting a little pissed with this kid…Well, that morning the kid through a slap Joeys way, and punch drunk Joey Maxim laid a right cross on this face and sent him into the air, and about 10 from where he was standing…Moral of the story…You gotta be real stupid to play slap fight with a guy that took the light heavy weight title away from Sugar Ray Robinson…I mean Really!!! What was this kid thinkin…lol

Adrienne Lipkin…Richard’s Lounge

Adrienne Lipkin died yesterday in the hospital from multi organ failure…For all of us that knew Adrienne, I dont need to say much, other then she was a bright light in a world otherwise dominated in shadows. Her sense of humor was nothing short of a gift to anyone that had the blessing of knowing her… Theirs not to many Jazz musicians that dident play Richard’s Lounge in the early 70’s, accually, their weren’t any great players that dident play there, other then Miles. And all of them would smile ear to ear, even today, with a knee jerk reaction to remembering Adrienne and her pure, honest, loving sense of humor…The Chuck Mangione track always reminds me of  you girl…The world wont be the same without you…Smooth sailing good friend! Love you…

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