Dostoevsky don’t play

“love in action is a harsh and dreadful thing compared to love in dreams”

Dostoevsky does have a way of breaking through all the BS

I’m thinking: I open a book, watch a movie, read a bumper sticker maybe. I’m fooled — my imagination tells me I’m personally involved (which I am at some level — but at No Cost to me personally) in a truth; honorable deed; heroic act;  acts of love &c. When in reality; I’m just looking from outside in; just another fooling incited by someone else’s imagination who uncovered his or her fooling from a second hand source void of any action, any real care, or sacrifice — then put to paper. Maybe.

Dostoyevsky points out the fact that Love & Care are real;  based on action — in many cases — cost to the career can be much; a distinction should be made between imagination and deed…one can be had from a seated position, in a warm room surrounded by wonderfilled distractions. The other comes at a price.

Thank you Dostoevsky for pointing out — yet another flaw in my character.

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Cows, Bulls, and Billygoats

Note to ? … “let’s say” self

Blindness, closed minded, hypnotized.

Limited exposure to “points of view” — comfort zone only
“The Herd” feeds you the mushrooms grown in the pasture
On top of the excrement left behind by the Bull
U binge on this fungus; embrace its effects on imagination

Wake up man!

Many fine minds/spirits expressing beautiful thoughts
To be embraced/pondered/ weighed, and given away
U Bypass them? –why? … Your views are solid and correct?
No!…to conform to the “The Herd” — to eat the mushrooms

You fool!

“The Herd” disapproves, you yield to the disapproval
Turn away from the beauty, expression, bright shining stars
All sects, colors, belief systems bring to your front door dailey
New prospective/fresh thought/wisdom pearls…love


They knock You don’t answer
Someone might see!
A Cow? A Bull? — Billygoat perhaps
Run, lift yourself up; fly away

You eat too many mushrooms anyway.

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