The Celebration​ of Life music festival 1971

Documentary 33 minutes:
I was 16 when a friend and myself made the brilliant decision to hitchhike from Atlanta, where I was living at the time, to McCrea; long-haired hippies hitchhiking through the deep south, mid-summer, in 1971; it turned out to be one hell of a challenge, but we got there, after having everything from bottles to garbage thrown at us, and a few shotgun blasts pointed upward from passing cars on the roadsides, along the way.  It was exciting, life-changing, dangerous and insane; the perfect storm; loved every minute of it – looking back. The mud banks were where I spent most of my time, for reasons the film points out.

After dealing with the intense heat and humidity for a week, no food, little water, and sleeping in the mud every night, we decided to head home, only to find out the larger party was going on *outside the gate* for miles and miles; an endless sea of hippies, police, and bikers smoking pot, dancing, and swapping spit with little to no violence – that I could see anyway. Most the entire population was naked, tripping, and passing around joints at every step; police were even getting laid on the hoods of cars with their guns holstered banging on fenders of whichever car they were using for support.

Heat, snakes, alligators, mosquitoes, a shortage of food and water – yet no shortage of pot, wine, or LSD – lead to the realization it was time to go home. You couldn’t script this kind of thing, its just one of those events that just happen, and you just happen to be there. A strange dream of sorts looking back from where I sit typing these recollections. I can still hear the music, smell the pot, feel the excruciating heat on my body, and the itching of the multitudes of mosquitoes feeding on me, day and night. And yes, with all that, the memories are profoundly fond ones, in a strange sense; as real today as were in 1971.


Each generation raises its fists and marches in protest to the offensiveness of the contemporary cultural paradigm – rightfully so, yet each generation sells out like its predecessors after a time; hopefully, each generation leaves behind some positive remnant in its wake, before selling out to the very system it protests. Change is needed desperately, but human nature is now, still, what it was a few thousand years ago and before; human – there lies the predicament; the “mimetic illusion of modern individualism.”

“The children repeat the crimes of their fathers precisely because they believe they are morally superior to them. This false difference is already the mimetic illusion of modern individualism, which represents the greatest resistance to the mimetic truth that is re-enacted again and again in human relations. The paradox is that the resistance itself brings about the reenactment.”
René Girard


A table built with four legs

Being a Theist, and joined at the hip to the gospels of the Nazarene is a personal choice (even though I’m not a religious man, in terms of “groupthink”) which I never attach any personal self-rightness too, as I know what a fool I am, as well as knowing what fools we all are, here on this rock; again, my own personal opinion – period; my own path; my own decisions. With limited tools to work with – in terms of our senses and their extremely restricted capabilities to perceive the world around us, as it actually is – I firmly believe it takes serious Philosophy, hard Science, sane Theology, and profound Art to even “begin” to scratch the surface of this existence, with these sensorial limitations at hand – let alone, behave in a manner which allows us to embrace this hard life in a loving way. In turn – to me – serious Philosophy, hard Science, sane Theology, and profound Art are all imperative.

Max Scheler states it in this way:

“A philosophy which fails to recognize and a priori denies the claim to transcendence which all non-logical acts make, or which allows this claim only in the case of acts of thought and those acts of intuitive cognition which furnish the material for thought in the domain of theory and science, condemns itself to blindness to whole realms of facts and their connections, for access to these realms is not essentially tied to acts of mind proper to the understanding. A philosophy of this sort is like a man who has healthy eyes and closes them and wants to perceive colors only with his ear or his nose!”

We seem to be entering a time when taking a saw to any of the four legs holding up the table we eat from, may prove to be unreasonable, even detrimental. One can always choose which leg, or legs, we place most our personal weight, knowing these choices are made thru our own combination of experience, biology, psychology &c. The beauty lies in decisions made, in a chaotic world, with these limited tools, for navigating such turbulent waters.


Smoke – mirrors

Post 911:
Patriot act
Patriot Act 2
NDAA &c. – n on, n on.
Soon! police with no education in mental health, will be able to make mental health assessments – on the spot – and detain suspects considered to be mentally ill; all this without the credentials for making such assessments. Add this to what has already taken place since 911 in terms of habeas corpus, illegal detainment, NDAA, Smith–Mundt Act of 1948 &c.- the new “scapegoat population”, which is nearing 50% of the total population; this population, having been prescribed medication for, at the very least, anxiety, will soon be the new scapegoat for all our culture’s ills, prompting our fearless leaders to demonize, detain, and treat – by law, this population. All this with our incredibly high-end propaganda machine called “The Media”, and with bipartisan support. Every tragedy we experience today in our culture is met with the taking away of rights at a speed that is far more than alarming – it’s a freedom grab in my view, and history shows just where this leads. Scare a population long enough, and hard enough, and they will beg for the stripping away of freedom; a fair exchange – freedom for safety. By the way, as far as I can tell, the so-called mentally ill population commit fewer crimes than the so-called normal population – go figure. How we love our fear; how we love our scapegoats. Belief is easily manipulated in the hands of fear mongers.

Charles Schulz wrote:
“There’s our excuse… we’ll blame everything on the round-headed kid!”

No, no pattern to be seen here…

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