Hyper Partisanship Politics…

Partisan politics…Really!!! I think this hyper partisanship politics we are in today is the very reason this country is dismantling itself from within…When I hear intelligent men and women leaning to the far right, or far left, I just cant help but to think they are missing half the picture, by just the mere fact that they dont have the capacity, or the will, to investigate anything past heir own parties agenda’s…Its been blowing my mind for years now, and I ran acrossthis very non-agendized (I know, a non word here) video tonight that really spoke to my perplexed, yet fascinated curiosities in this area of human nature, as it pertains to politics…And I think this kid is right about this being a very dangerous path we are on…Maybe it was just a dream I had, or to much drugs and alcohol back in the day, but I seem to remember their really being a democratic party, and a republican party with a central concern for the countries welfare, waaayy back in day…But again, could have been the drugs and alcohol blurring my vision…lol

The Way Of Ignorance…By Wendell Berry

imagesA quote from Wendell Berry, from the book…”The Way Of Ignorance” Wendell is a scholar, Leading Ecologists, Poet, author of 2 novels, countless Essays, and many books on ecological, political and cultural sciences, and a farmer from Kentucky for 6 decades now, and a Christian of deep faith, But, he does however see the forest thru the trees in my view. This critique and overview certainly dosent reflect a stereotyping of all of Christendom by any means what so ever. Like I said, he is a man of great faith in God and the Gospels, and has dedicated his 80 plus years to making our land and the creatures in it a better place we can all live in. But he does however hone in on a very serious problem we here in the US and Europe have cultivated in our arrogants towards others outside our faith over the years…

Berry states,
“Anybody half awake these days will be aware that their are many Christians who are exceedingly confident their understanding of the Gospels, and who are exceedingly self confident in their understanding of themselves in their faith. They appear to know precisely the purposes of God, and they appear to be perfectly assured that they are now doing, and in every circumstance will continue to do, precisely God’s will as it applies specifically to themselves. They are confident, moreover, that God hates people whose faith differs from their own, and they are happy to concur in that hatred”… End of Quote,

I believe, some people realize this, unless, of-course they are a part of the dominant movement of shadows and cold winds that interact within this unloving, and in my view, un-Christian paradigm of judgment, discourse, and total perversion of the Gospels in the name of Ego, Greed, and the passion to own everything in sight, and to control all that can be controlled at any cost, that Wendell speaks of in all his writings. And this goes both for the Christian Community and the secular in my view. I’m hoping a like minded,(in terms of saving our planet and our children), interweaving of people from all faiths, and secular communities begin to come together to bring in a change from this polarization that has been the life blood of the very parasites that are killing our planet and our loved ones for years now, and begin to bring change…Thanks again for the ray of light Wendell…Peace

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