Yet another quote from Soren Kierkegaard

imgresIn reply to the current events of the last few days, AND the last 3 weeks, I find myself having to express my thoughts through someone far more qualified to address the matters of humanity, as a whole then myself. I seem to be lost, as I seek some sense of objective truth hiding behind all this cultural, and political madness that herds men together like so much cattle all throughout history, and uses us as raw meat for the taking, weather it be politically, Spiritually, Culturally, or otherwise. Inside this maze of information bombardment today, coming from all angels, and mostly angels created to indoctrinate, polarize, and control, in terms of its intent, I will admit to being overwhelmed, and totally amazed at this circus we all have been sent free tickets too, at such a very large cost…So, I once again turn to Soren Kierkegaard, a much smarter man then I ever will be, to shed some light on how man gets so lost inside his own imagination as his imagination is captured and held hostage to the outside influences of what we all consider reality…Just sayin…Cant we all just get along…SMH…The over all of this quote is in reference to “Group Think” a cultural illness which we all suffer from, and most times, dont even know it…

He states…“By seeing the multitude of people around it, by being busied with all sorts of worldly affairs, by being wise to the ways of the world, such a person forgets himself, in a divine sense forgets his own name, dares not believe in himself, finds being himself too risky, finds it much easier and safer to be like the others, to become a copy, a number, along with the crowd.
Now this form of despair goes practically unnoticed in the world. Precisely by losing oneself in this way, such a person gains all that is required for a flawless performance in everyday life, yes, for making a great success out of life. Here there is no dragging of the feet, no difficulty with his self and its infinitizing, he is ground smooth as a pebble, as exchangeable as a coin of the realm. Far from anyone thinking him to be in despair, he is just what a human being ought to be. Naturally, the world has generally no understanding of what is truly horrifying.”
― Søren Kierkegaard

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