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The reason I post so much of Wendell Berry’s (AKA, The Angry Farmer) work, is his poetry, novels, and philosophical works are all about activism, ecology, industrialization, and humanity in general, (not intellectual masturbation). The fact that industrialization has made it so humanity can really no longer get along within this paradigm of polarization, war driven economy, and consumerism, that it has embraced this potentially fatal new world order that has been prepared for us, (out of a subconscious desperation) and is about to have the very lifeblood that keeps us breathing cut off somewhere along the line, perhaps very soon. I believe this to be taking place as we speak.

I would think, all this would give way to a more serious examination by the masses, as to just how this is all taking place, and why, and for that we have to turn to people who are qualified to speak on these matters with some level of expertise, and humanitarian intentions, which in this day and age is very hard to find. So writers like Berry, Zinn, Hedges, Chomsky as hard on the eyes and ears as they can be need a hearing, if we are to get any prospective on other than the prospective of “Pac Man” and his insatiable appetite …

We have been dumbed down and uneducated by propaganda doled out by the Industrial Royals to the point we no longer see the forest through the trees. It seems as long as enough of us are feed well, fat, and living a good life, the hell with the rest, (its a numbers game) the problem with that is “we” also will be a part of “the rest” here very soon if “we” don’t look closely to the last 60 years or so, and see the patterns being implemented right under our noses by “The Royals”…

Berry breaks this down piece by piece in all his work, he shows how allowing this to continue “will” sever the very thread that ties us to something that makes humanity so very special, Love, Community, Benevolence, &c. and is now degrading bit by bit, and encouraging humanity to devolve into something far worse than any of the other creatures occupying this planet, BY FAR, in terms of destroying the very mother that gave birth to us (Earth), not to mention pissing all over the gift God provided.

Yet because Berry isn’t a shiny, hip, pop BS artist, nor is he concerned with any of that whatsoever, his huge, eloquent body of work goes somewhat unread by mainstream students today, even though Yale, Harvard, and every other major university nearly begs for his presents at their conferences…Just another example of a culture trained by its masters to always look to the shiny object dangling from the string held by the hypnotists, hired by the deformed leeches feeding on the populous…SMH..!

“The passive American consumer, sitting down to a meal of pre-prepared food, confronts inert, anonymous substances that have been processed, dyed, breaded, sauced, gravied, ground, pulped, strained, blended, prettified, and sanitized beyond resemblance to any part of any creature that ever lived. The products of nature and agriculture have been made, to all appearances, the products of industry. Both eater and eaten are thus in exile from biological reality.”
Wendell Berry


imgresThe consistent attempt of humans to separate ourselves from one another, in groups, under the flag of this or that, one group feeling as if they are standing on higher ground than the other, is the material of all good Theater, written and produced by parasites and vampires, and tickets sold to the public at the cost of everything…The few wealthy producing and selling tickets to this, (as Cornel West calls it) “Tragiecomic” production, do so at the cost of their souls. Many “poor” looking to survive this parasitic extraction of whatever little they still have left after paying the cost of the ticket to this Tragicomidy, struggle as they attempt to avoid being subjugated any further by this theater of the absurd that they bought into, this breeds the tension necessary to continue the production for years to come, unless of course, the public stop buying tickets…so the drama plays itself out time and time again in an unending stream of narratives depicting everything from honest pain caused by this manipulating propaganda and its byproducts, to grand success stories to bring hope to the ticket holders who buy into this theater production, it’s all very tidy…However. This all relies on the creative process from both the powerful and the weak having to cultivate various ways of mass hypnosis in order to aid either the robber or the robbed …what else can take place? The story line has already been written, and the play is already a hit…The idea that any human is not in direct connection, or one with his fellow man, is a lie that we all fall prey from sitting in this theater day after day, and with all too much trust for the artistic integrity of the producers. Byproduct, polarization. Divisions. Man made illusions, designed to keep the intended wholeness of man fragmented and polarized to the point of men and woman, buying hook line and sinker into the propaganda fed to us by “the ivory tower promo thugs” through their production… Bravo! you have to hand it to these crafty Billygoats and Apes, their good!

Ira Sullivan…

11151045_10204609993029734_4385935351584772495_nPhotos just don’t get any better than this…! I have known this man (Ira on the far right) since I was a sixteen year old street kid with a saxophone hanging off my shoulder knocking on his front door when he lived right across the street from a graveyard in Dania Florida, (his front door literally faced the graveyard which was about 100 feet away, if that…lol…) he answered the door and spent at least an hour with me, and told me to go home and practice, he’s been my friend ever since…For all of us young musicians (back in the day) that were friends with Ira, know Ira had a huge influence on all of us who came in contact with this him…He’s a Jazz legend because he blew through Chicago, and New York City with Red Rodney (Charlie Parker’s trumpet player) back in the 50, and 60’s like a Be-Bop hurricane leaving nothing but blown down Jazz clubs in its wake, and has played with every Jazz Great on the planet …Not to mention Ira was playing both Trumpet and Saxophone with equal genius, and I never use that word genius loosely, but with Ira, it rolls of the pen like warm butter…He also was nominated for several academy awards, the last one he lost to John Coltrane…So this photo just warms my heart to no end…Its Perfect…! Thats Jimmy Heath (played with John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Gil Evans, Dizzy, &c.) and Ray Drummond (played with Freddie Hubbard, Pharoah Sanders, Art Farmer &c.)…So you’re looking into a wealth of Jazz history in one photograph, these guys were major contributors to weaving Jazz into the American cultural landscape that spread all throughout the planet, and that’s not an over statement by any means…What a great shot…!

Family first… Painting by, Dali

dali reflectionsAs brothers and sisters, I think we will eventually have to find our way as all families do, working through our personality clashes, power struggles, dealing with our own reflections glaring (sometimes harshly) back at us by way of looking at one another. Just dealing with the day to day as we go along within this journey, and the daily disorientation of living in a world that is just a temporary illusion subject to a sudden halt at any given moment, can breed a subtle, or not so subtle internal disruption to ones mind and/or body. Blood is thicker than water, and we all share the same blood that flows swiftly throughout our bodies carrying with it the life force given us by God, and the same Father that Loves us all!…How much more blessing can we ask for then to learn our enemies are not our enemies! but our family…our enemies are not our enemies, but a mere reflection of all that is within us as we glare into this abstract mirror of self, by way of “these others”. We view others as if they were something outside ourselves, separate. This separateness is something deeply embedded in our DNA (the tribal instinct) this fallacy thriving under the pretence of this “separateness, (others), all to often we use as a vehicle for blame for our own bad behavior that we hide so very deep inside our own personal experiences, so as to not even be seen by ourselves, let alone anyone else, and discard this reflection as something outside ourselves all together, and see it as something to be tamed or eradicated altogether…This reflection will scream to us if we shed the illusion of separation, it will scream “I am” ! if we just listen. Through this very reflection that causes us so much inner turbulence by way of denial in terms of our confusion as to what it is, and what it isn’t, it is still begging us to look Closer!!!  Recognize! Jesus instructed, “SEEK and you shall find”, but I believe most of us never gave it a thought He was referring to the expedition being one of inner exploration, not a journey outward, but to the center of ourselves…

“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.”  Herman Melville


imagesI ran across a post on a friends wall today where they were talking about the specialized culture we now live in, where “the wholeness” of man has been divided into divisions upon divisions, all in the name of cutting edge science, and progress, whether it be this or that…Specialization of “this and that,” medicine, food, education, industry, &c. has replaced the “wholeness” of what it is to be a healthy self sufficient human being. So now through a very planned progression of industrial expansionism (in my view), robs us of our identity, self sufficiency, and individuality, and replaces it with an illusion of progress, and a reliance on that very progress to get us from day to day… This is an excerpt from an author who can articulate this far better than myself…Its worth the read.

“A system of specialization requires the abdication to specialists of various competences and responsibilities that were once personal and universal. Thus, the average—one is tempted to say ideal—American citizen now consigns the problem of food production to agriculturalists and “agribusinessmen,” the problem of health to doctors and sanitation experts, the problems of education to school teachers and educators, the problems of conservation to conservationists, and so on. This supposedly fortunate citizen is therefore left with only two concerns: making money and entertaining himself. He earns money, typically as a specialist, working an eight-hour day at a job for the quality or consequences of which somebody else—or, perhaps more typically, nobody else—will be responsible. And not surprisingly, since he can do so little else for himself, he is even unable to entertain himself, for there exists an enormous industry of exorbitantly expensive specialists whose purpose is to entertain him.

The beneficiary of this regime of specialists ought to be the happiest of mortals—or so we are expected to believe. All of his vital concerns are in the hands of certified experts. He is a certified expert himself and as such he earns more money in a year than all his great-grandparents put together. Between stints at his job he has nothing to do but mow his lawn with a sit-down lawn mower, or watch other certified experts on television. At suppertime he may eat a tray of ready-prepared food, which he and his wife (also a certified expert) procure at the cost only of money, transportation, and the pushing of a button. For a few minutes between supper and sleep he may catch a glimpse of his children, who since breakfast have been in the care of education experts, basketball or marching-band experts, or perhaps legal experts.

The fact is, however, that this is probably the most unhappy average citizen in the history of the world. He has not the power to provide himself with anything but money, and his money is inflating like a balloon and drifting away, subject to historical circumstance and the power of other people. From morning to night he does not touch anything that he has produced himself, in which he can take pride. For all his leisure and recreation, he feels bad, he looks bad, he is overweight, his health is poor. His air, water, and food are all known to contain poisons. There is a fair chance that he will die of suffocation. He suspects that his love life is not as fulfilling as other people’s. He wishes that he had been born sooner, or later. He does not know why his children are the way they are. He does not understand what they say. He does not care much and does not know why he does not care. He does not know what his wife wants or what he wants. Certain advertisements and pictures in magazines make him suspect that he is basically unattractive. He feels that all his possessions are under threat of pillage. He does not know what he would do if he lost his job, if the economy failed, if the utility companies failed, if the police went on strike, if the truckers went on strike, if his wife left him, if his children ran away, if he should be found to be incurably ill. And for these anxieties, of course, he consults certified experts, who in turn consult certified experts about their anxieties.

It is rarely considered that this average citizen is anxious because he ought to be—because he still has some gumption that he has not yet given up in deference to the experts. He ought to be anxious, because he his helpless. That he is dependent upon so many specialists, the beneficiary of so much expert help, can only mean that he is a captive, a potential victim.”
Wendell Berry

Augustine of Hippo

poof“And men go abroad to admire the heights of mountains, the mighty waves of the sea, the broad tides of rivers, the compass of the ocean, and the circuits of the stars, yet pass over the mystery of themselves without a thought.”
Augustine of Hippo

Mans need to feed…

shit headsI look back in history and I see mans propensities, as to his constant need for ownership and control over everything within the grasp of his greedy, dirty little hands, play itself out in everyday life, but the industrialization of “everything” the last hundred years has (from extorting the land, farming, to the Arts, even to our relationships with one another &c.) through mass hypnosis, and propaganda swallowed up everything in sight leaving behind a trail of bodily waists, and broken dreams, emanating from the veracious unfettered appetites of the few, to both maintain and continue to procure more food for themselves to binge on like the obese “Apes” that they are, is just gone to a level that is overwhelming to both the planet, and the creatures that occupy this beautiful and perfect ecosystem.

This corporate/governmental collaboration that both perpetuate and inspire this insidious destructive appetite among themselves, then through propaganda invites us in for this feast, knowing “they” will only be feeding us the dirty little crumbs as “they” ingest the feast. This appetite cant be satisfied with any amount of the flesh or spirit that they consume, they must be extremely vigilante in continuing to re-educate the masses to conform to any changes they may need to implement in order to keep “their” food supply available for “their” ingestion (us, our labors, and everything that else in sight). They have indeed manufactured a social, economic, and artistic prefabricated BOX that robs both men and woman of their capacity to live well, see clearly, and embrace life on life’s natural terms, and have taken away the natural flow that filters life through this magnificent ecological system that turns decay into new life &c., and have held it hostage as a means to an end…”unprecedented consolidation of wealth for the few,”  this perversion operates on all levels of life weather it be in the material realm, or the artistic and Spiritual realms. This economic power base that cultivates all the industrial complexes as it see’s fit, and are tapping directly into the very center of nature, life, and man, and extracting the very life blood out of our existence through entertaining us, and brainwashing us to death.

Sounds to dramatic? I think not! This progression of mans nasty, foul, out of control appetites in general distort the very nature of what was created as a natural landscape of this planet to serve the needs of all the creatures that live here, not  human farming. This violent intervention over these last 100 years by this parasitic infestation of the one percent does great harm, and it doesn’t feel anyone’s pain other then the pain of it’s own loss that may occur if the rape doesn’t continue at its planned pace to ensure the bottom line, “the almighty quarterly report”! this false reflection of what we embrace as progress has made monkeys out of us all, and is destroying the very planet we live on right before our very eyes. And the insanity of it all, is it’s all being done with our consent, by the mere fact we have, (because they allow us to have), the rent paid, food on the table, (for most of us anyway), 100 TV stations to keep us entertained, beer, and if that fails to keep us content, we can go the the doctor and get a prescription for something to adjust our brain chemistry to accommodate our new man made synthetic environment…

Its getting to look more and more like a Franz Kafka novel. Our oceans acidic levels are rising to alarming numbers, waste and chemical pollution in just the last 50 years are like something from a x rated science fiction movie, “x” just by way of not wanting to scare our children half to death from them witnessing the reality of how things really are, and will be for them after we leave them with this byproduct of both extravagant human consumption, and our very bad decision to trust the industrial culture that is being lead by the Billy goats and Apes that are controlling the course of our destiny to fulfill the needs of their insatiable appetites.

Rivers, lakes, even our underground water supply is now being effected. The air quality is just unbelievable in most our major cities around the world, China has the common sense to promote their city populations to ware masks to keep the public health expense bearable … fluoridated drinking water, REALLY! … Farming, and ranching practices, well lets not even go there…Wendell Berry…“The earth, which we all have in common, is our deepest bond, and our behavior toward it cannot help but be an earnest of our consideration for each other and for our descendants. To corrupt or destroy the natural environment is an act of violence not only against the earth but also against those who are dependent on it, including ourselves. To waste the soil is to cause hunger, as direct an aggression as an armed attack; it is an act of violence against the future of the human race.”

We are all complicit in this erosion of the world around us, even though its much easier to point the finger at the “one percent” even though they very well should be pointed too! we do buy all the crap they sell us, and do drive all the smog producing cars and vans that are causing all the health problems for ourselves and our kids, and we do also go along with the programs laid out to us by the Billy goats, and Apes that hold title to this planet and the creatures in it…So I guess we are as much to blame as the “one percent” …OK…Maybe that’s a stretch, but you get my meaning…

A quote from the devil himself Edward Bernays who was a key player in this country’s shift from a manufacturing base, to consumer driven culture … He even tells us how he did this…

“Universal literacy was supposed to educate the common man to control his environment. Once he could read and write he would have a mind fit to rule. So ran the democratic doctrine. But instead of a mind, universal literacy has given him rubber stamps, rubber stamps inked with advertising slogans, with editorials, with published scientific data, with the trivialities of the tabloids and the platitudes of history, but quite innocent of original thought. Each man’s rubber stamps are the duplicates of millions of others, so that when those millions are exposed to the same stimuli, all receive identical imprints. It may seem an exaggeration to say that the American public gets most of its ideas in this wholesale fashion. The mechanism by which ideas are disseminated on a large scale is propaganda, in the broad sense of an organized effort to spread a particular belief or doctrine.”
Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda


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