The greatest snow on earth

Everyone loves a circus; the clowns, the lions, the type rope walkers, the trapeze artists; it’s like a live Salvatore Dali painting taking place right before your very eyes; midgets – add a visual dimension that seems to tie the entire portrait together somehow through a kind of visual sensory subtext as they walk side by side with the elephant and the clown. But at the end of the show we leave the tent, go home and bring the memories along with us. The lasting effects; a pleasant memory of images that can continue to inspire the imagination for years to come – the circus doesn’t intrude.

I wish I could say the same for our political system that takes full advantage of the public from birth to dirt, pumping in political rhetoric transported through endless miles of septic piping allowing just enough crap to leak out into the american soil while in route to public distribution; from septic tanks housing vast quantities of BS, to the wishful minds and imaginations of good, honest, hard working people – this system continues to confiscate our dignity and insult our intelligence through this “Theatre of the Absurd”.

The circus is at least honest in its promotion of what “it – is.”



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