The Cosmic Dance

Jazz; The Cosmic Dance of Bliss: there’s a place where the structure of the music is just that – a structure. When you reach a place of transcendence within that structure, you leave the structure behind, even through the structure is still in place, you transcend outside of it — you stand aside — you allow the music to play itself through you. This becomes something spiritual in nature, you have left the structure, and created a space in trust for melody and time to express itself through you. While all this is taking place the unconscious is now the area the music is expressed from; the notes are being played by something far higher then the player. The conversation has transcended the common vocabulary and arrived at a place of freedom. It’s leaving all constructs and systems behind, and braving the new world of mysteries; a higher realm…Deep Prayer, deep meditation, same outcome – unification that cant take place from within a cardboard box.




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