Burn it all to the ground…really!?

I’ve been a liberal most of my life up until the last few years. I couldn’t any longer condone freedom of speech, and freedom of expression, being violently attacked from the Alt establishment left who – the leaders – feed from the same trough as the Republicans (Wall Street & such). Im not a Republican by any stretch of the imagination, but I certainly see the insanity taking place in this country today. Re-writing history through dismantling of statues? really!? free speech, demonizing – and demonitorizing – political commentators on independent alternative social media news!? – this to me is batshit crazy! and is also begging for neo Marxism to step into the vacuum created by this nearsightedness (we cause enough problems and pain with capitalism, I don’t think Marxism will improve things; human nature at it is at this time). These emotional trigger responses that seem to be permeating our Universities and workplaces – all in the name of unity – are what I believe to be seed for division, as opposed to what it “claims” to be – progressive. The influence of postmodernism should be considered problematic; not because of what the postmodernist brought over from France – by way of brilliant minds – who I love to study and learn, but from what our educators and politicians did with it. Much what like Hitler did with Nietzsche; hijacked him, and distorted, for his own purposes. Civil war is a real possibility if we don’t learn to think in a critical manner, and get far away from this emotional knee jerk reactionary mindset that’s being promoted at every turn. These statues: they are history markers, weather good or bad, they should be left for all to see, warts and all; no culture that attempts to dismantle its own history does well in the long run. Wendell Berry once wrote: “Modern ignorance is in people’s assumption that they can outsmart their own nature.” in this case, erase the evidence of it.


Here we are 2017 and still building soapboxes out of blood, sweat and tears, and the the dried up bones of our forefathers in order to continue, and maintain an elaborate lifestyle for these snake oil salesman – we so admire – to stand on and preach from, about freedom. The perpetuation of this insanity that allows for these Apes and Billy goats to live in their ivory towers – far away from the foul stinch they cultivate here and around the world – and continually hypnotize the masses into divisions that perpetuate their control, is unmistakably brilliant! and hanus at the same time. They captivate us with their sincerity, gain trust with their rhetoric, and bleed us to death with their greed and inhumanity. And yet! we continue to buy what they sell. Fabricated Bu** Sh** sprayed with cheap perfume to hide the stench. Soma is enticing to the senses; and what junkie doesn’t worship his or her dealer.

Colorado Theater Massacre (Huge Zero)

Sometimes you just need to express what it is you see in a given day, this seems like a good way to do just that…Its half past 8 p.m. and I just heard about the theater shooting in Colorado…WHAT DA _ _ _ _ ! Im in shock, in the 57 years I have lived on this violent planet, I dont think Iv ever felt so sad about where things are headed in reference to humanity in general, other then 911, and the Fed building in Oklahoma…We live in a small sliver of of the planet, in an even smaller sliver of history that has aloud us to live both free and prosperous, even if we live at the poverty level which I have been doing for a few years now dew to health problems, we can still live with dignity. I still can live like a human being thank to this time in history, and the country Iv been lucky enough to be born in…(Thats not the case around the rest of the world, and certainly not the case in our known human history)…AND yet the culture is slowly cultivating this kind of madness displayed in these mass murders we have been witnessing the last 30 years or so more and more each year is get uglier and uglier…Aside from the day to day crime all of humanity have to live with each and every day…This last massacre breaks my heart.  I pray for the souls of the innocent people that lost their lives and were wounded by this,  defective human being…My God little children shot at the movies on a saturday night…

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